And Now For Another Candidate…

Ralph Nader told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he will decide later about jumping in. Nader said he doesn’t like long campaigns, “but I’m committed to trying to give more voices and choices to the American people on the ballot. That means more third parties, independent candidates and to break up this two-party elected dictatorship that is becoming more and more like a dial for the same corporate dollars.” Wolf also asked him about being a spoiler, but how could he be a spoiler when Al Gore didn’t even carry his own state of Tennessee? And Nader said that Gore was a spoiler to him. Beside’s, if you ask Al Gore, he’ll tell you that he won that election. Nader was also asked about Hillary, and had this to say, “I don’t think she has the fortitude. Actually she’s really a panderer and a flatterer. As she goes around the country, you’ll see more of that.” Ralph Nader was also heard on Democracy Now today talking about his new book “Seventeen Traditions, ” and the documentary “An Unreasonable Man.” He may not be running, but he sure acts like a candidate, enough so that I am adding Ralph Nader to Fantasy Politics The Game. Welcome to the pack Ralph.
Alan Cosgrove

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  1. Punchy says:

    He never….ever…ever ever ever will win…why waste the money?

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