The Guy That Brought Us the Awsome Anti-Hillary Apple Mash Up Ad Fired

This afternoon it was discovered who was responsible for the great Anti-Hillary Apple mash up ad. Arianna Huffington of “The Huffington Post” made some calls today to Phillip de Vellis who works at Blue State Digital. At first he refused to respond, but later admitted he did it. De Vellis said, “I made the “Vote Different” ad because I wanted to express my feelings about the Democratic primary, and because I wanted to show that an individual citizen can affect the process. There are thousands of other people who could have made this ad, and I guarantee that more ads like it–by people of all political persuasions–will follow.”
But, company policy prohibits work on political campaigns outside the company, and therefore; Mr. de Vellis was fired from Blue State Digital. Mr. de Vellis was bored one Sunday and created the ad on his own time. Neither Blue State Digital nor the Obama campaign was aware of de Vellis work on the ad. De Vellis used an updated Apple ad, and used common Apple equipment to modify the ad with Hillary’s picture and voice. It has become a hit on YouTube, and the blogs with over 1.5 million showings. I wish the talented Mr. de Vellis good luck with his unemployment. Maybe he can make some more cool political ads. According to de Vellis, “This ad was not the first citizen ad, and it will not be the last. The game has changed.” Let the games begin.
Alan Cosgrove.
and one more time for those that missed it, The Anti-Hillary Apple 84 Mash Up ad,

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